Stock Exchange Listing

The Company's shares were de-listed from the New Zealand stock market (ticker symbol TEN) on 31 July 2017.

Shareholder Enquiries

Shareholders with enquiries about share transactions or changes of address should contact the Share Registrar:
Computershare Investor Services Limited 
Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road, 
Takapuna, Auckland

Private Bag 92119, 
Auckland 1020, 
New Zealand

Telephone: 64-9-488 8777

Facsimile: 64-9-488 8787


To check your shares online, see Computershare's Online Self Service here.

Electronic Communications

You can elect to receive your shareholder communications electronically. To update your details and select your preference for shareholder communications, click here. Alternatively send your name, address and CSN or holder number to advising you wish to receive your Tenon shareholder communications by email.


For general enquiries please contact:

Postal address:  

Investor Relations, Private Bag 92036, Auckland 1142, New Zealand


64-9-368 4193